Su-do is a unique type of martial art, the techniques and combinations of which have been expertly worked out for years. The natural phenomenon that most closely reflects the essence of life in Sudo is water. The arsenal of military equipment includes the best cuts, hooks and steps, punches of hands and feet, asphyxiation techniques, painful techniques on arms and legs. Despite the existence in the world of numerous unrealistic throwing techniques, which are carried out by the pelvic-femoral and shoulder parts of the body, not one of them entered the su-do. The reason is the inability to use these techniques in real combat. Since, unlike a heavyweight fighter versus a lightweight fighter, a lightweight fighter faces great difficulties and obstacles when meeting a heavyweight in battle. The complex of used techniques in su-do can be used by everyone, no matter what gender (s) and weight.

Apparently, the philosophy of water came to Suleyman after disappointment:

The founder came up with the idea of creating universal martial art when he spoke at the Open European Championship in Kong Sao and the Military Service All-round Competition in Mikolow, Poland. Then, two international organizations united together held the European Championship with wersions:

Kong Sao:

  • semi contact
  • full contact
  • team fights
  • kata

Combat All-Around (MSAC)

  • version B-1 (semi contact)
  • version B-2 (light contact)
  • version B-5 (kobudo)
  • version B-6 (team kobudo)

He, as a fighter with great experience, enrolled in all of the listed versions of the competition. Here were athletes from almost all European countries. Even some teams from Asia were invited, as the European Championship was “open”. At the championship, he performed in all versions in a row, leaving one tatami he went to the next fight of the other version, continuously. This went on for 2 days. But despite his victories, he felt difficulties. He saw inextricable contacts between these versions and identified weak points.

The reason cygo was born is a disappointment in these martial arts. From that time, he began to compare and separately analyze the martial arts and sports that he had practiced since 1988. As a result, in 2011 he worked on a universal technique. To do this, it took him two years.

Su-do is a martial art that rationally uses everything that is accessible to the human body for self-defense. Blows and blocks are widely represented here, as well as grips, dislocations, strangulation, tremors, trips, hooks, and painful techniques. All this should ensure maximum efficiency at all distances: distant (distance to strike the foot), medium (distance to hit the fist), near (distance to capture the body) and in any situation, standing on your knees, sitting, face to face, side, when attacking from behind, with one opponent, with several, with weapons, no weapons, etc. The proper use of this technique requires compliance with a number of principles, and all of them are comprehended by long hard practice.

The term “su-do” means “way to water fight” (az .: ” SU ÜSLUBLU-DÖYÜŞ YOLU”) and is perceived as a word implying the Azerbaijani type of martial arts, in which punches and kicks, strangulation and pain, sweeps, steps and hooks are allowed. ((Nowadays, as in ancient times, people know or begin to speculate about the wonderful properties of water. Under Earth’s conditions, water can be in three aggregate states (solid, liquid, and gaseous), naturally moving from one state to another. Water easily (without any importance) misses everything that is heavier than it, so sensitive that it senses the approach and distance of the moon and, nevertheless, closed in a sealed vessel, is practically incompressible. Water remembers the current state of the world around itself, changing its crystalline structure, and easily rearranges it in accordance with changes outside. The last property of water allows it to combine everything living on Earth into a single energy-information field, because water is part of all life on this planet. All these properties of water, amazing in their everyday life, are exemplary qualities and principles for every person practicing Sudo, like sports and martial art. Nevertheless, each of those who began to engage in this art should note for himself his belonging to the family of Eurasian martial arts, namely, to the internal forms of martial arts of Azerbaijan).
This is a martial art, defense and attack system. Unlike other martial art of Azerbaijan-Gulash, which only wrestling , it is allowed to use everything real that is available to the fighter in su-do, and to crush the enemy, precisely targeted powerful punches and kicks are applied to vital points of his body.

One of the important aspects of su-do is the duty of a fighter to keep his fighting stance well, since, when the fighter is unbalanced, the advantage passes to his opponent. And because of this, when the fighter is disturbed, points are protected for the opponent.

Su-do is both a self-defense system and a sport.

The World Center is located in Paderborn, Germany. Su-do is very popular in Germany. In honor of su-do and a healthy lifestyle, world-class events are held annually.
All title competitions and seminars are held annually, both the European and Asian Championships and the World Championships.