Westfalen SU-DO Association e.V. (WSA e.V.). Paderborn,Germany



Opening time: 2016

Leads: GM Dr Sabir Suleyman

Address: Memellstr. 13, 33104 Paderborn, Germany.


email: wsa.am.schloss@gmail.com

Tel. No: (WhatsApp) +491573 325 70 96

Trainings are held for children and adults. The WSA team is one of the strongest teams in Germany. Trainings are held in the beautiful place of Paderborn-Schlossneu Haus. Training is conducted personally by GM Dr Sabir Suleyman. WSA is the official organizer of the World Championships and European Championships 2016,2017,2018,2019 and 2020.

Before teaching, we guarantee !

Unsere Team

The composition of the WSA team is 194 people. Among them there are masters, as well as students.

Our members

Ibrahim Suleyman (19.01.2007). Black Belt (2nd Dar)

Esma Suleyman (06.05.2008). Black Belt (1st Dar)

Alan Mouki (16.01.2012). Dark Brown Belt (1st Ku)

Iyad Mouki (01.10.2005). Dark Broun Belt (1st Ku)

Alexander Eckstedt (26.01.2010). Brown Belt (2nd Ku)

Damian Siegfried (24.07.2010). Blue Belt (4th Ku)

Veli Mamedow (23.12.2008). Orange Belt (6th Ku)

Elisabeth Mamedow (11.09.2010). Orange Belt (6th Ku)

Alan Tauvaldev (08.12.2011). Dark Yellow Belt (7th Ku)

Anastasia Lut (01.01.2012). Dark Yellow Belt (7th Ku)

Asra Suleyman (08.08.2014). Dark Yellow Belt (7th Ku)

Anton Mantel (30.12.2010). Dark Yellow Belt (7th Ku)

Mardanali Rajabov (02.12.2013). Dark Yellow Belt (7th Ku)

Jehad Sayed Ahmad (10.11.2013). Dark Yellow Belt (7th Ku)

Tareq Sayed Ahmad (10.01.2013). Dark Yellow Belt (7th Ku)

Niclas Palmowski (02.08.2006). Yellow Belt (8th Ku)

Robin Palmowski (14.09.2009). Yellow Belt (8th Ku)

Vivian Siegfried (05.02.2013). Yellow Belt (8th Ku)

Vitaliy Terjoschin (03.11.2007). Yellow Belt (8th Ku)

Kyrill Rudi (02.02.2012). Yellow Belt (8th Ku)

Samir Shefer (24.12.2007). Yellow Belt (8th Ku)

Adam Taimaskhanov (05.09.2014).White Belt (9th Ku)

Maria Alkhateeb (11.11.2011). Light Yellow Belt (9th Ku)

Sevil Mirzayev (06.09.2008). Light Yellow Belt (9th Ku)

Feyza Aykut (16.08.2011). Light Yellow Belt (9th Ku)

Ayla Gehrts (18.12.2011).Light Yellow Belt (9th Ku)

Ibrahim Tschebiev (10.05.2010). Light Yellow Belt (9th Ku)

Muhammad Mammadov (21.12.2011).Light Yellow Belt (9th Ku)

Muhammad Rajabov (04.10.2015). White Belt (10th Ku)

Konstantin Rudi (25.02.2015). White Belt (10th Ku)

Mikail Shabayev (07.10.2014). White Belt (10th Ku)

Ibrahim Mirzayev (17.04.2013). White Belt (10th Ku)

Kerem Taha Aykut (29.12.2012). White Belt (10th Ku)

Talia Alkhateeb (25.09.2013). White Belt (10th Ku)

Khadija Suleyman (29.01.2018). White Belt (10th Ku)

Seyidali Shavruqov (16.10.2011). White Belt (10th Ku)

Muradali Shavruqov (27.11.2014). White Belt (10th Ku)

Nouman Rajabov. White Belt (10th Ku)

Wika Knickmeier (02.02.2013). White Belt (10th Ku)

Noah Ayboz (27.01.2017). White Belt (10th Ku)

Menessa Ibrahim (21.02.2014). White Belt (10th Ku)

Amina Ibrahim (24.07.2015). White Belt (10th Ku)

Bulut Can Yagmur (20.12.2011). White Belt (10th Ku)

Furkan Yagmur.(06.12.2013). White Belt (10th Ku)

Andrej Wiebe (20.05.2013). White Belt (10th Ku)

Leonas Gartung (30.11.2014). White Belt (10th Ku)

Julia Karischin (08.02.2010). White Belt (10th Ku)

Kristina Karischin (11.12.2013). White Belt (10th Ku)

Mustafa Kurbanov (25.08.2010). White Belt (10th Ku)

Maryam Ibrahim (11.10.2016). White Belt (10th Ku)

Yasmina Simieva (08.12.2010). White Belt (10th Ku)

Ali Simiev (25.10.2012). White Belt (10th Ku)

Sayfulla Simiev (18.11.2015). White Belt (10th Ku)

Jan Niklas Olfert (20.05.2015). White Belt (10th Ku)